I used to think I knew what leadership is about. I didnt. You must know people before you lead people. 

No really! 

Some of you think you really get this and you dont. You think knowledge of information on spiritual things qualifies you as an authority. It doesnt. It qualifies you at best to participate in a conversation with someone who actually does get it. So you can learn more. 

I had to go through some rough spots and seasons to realize how true this statement is. Its not enough to know the Bible to know how to preach teach and organize a church. KNOWING people is NOT the same as organizing people and process. Knowing people has to do with laying down our assumptions listening observing thinking through asking questions and then and only then daring to seek God and what He has to speak into this process of knowing

Everything else is a form of pride dressed up in a Martha spirit – always busy always doing something. 

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