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According to researchers:

  • Abraham was called by God in 2090 B.C.
  • Moses received Gods Commandments in 1446 B.C.
  • Solomon didnt construct the first temple until 996 B.C.

So we have 1094 years of pre-temple worship.

The lack of a temple parallels almost entirely the lack of a king. Since Sauls and Davids reigns lasted respectively 39 and 3 years if we subtract those years and the 7 years Solomon after Solomon ascended to the throne we come up with 1015 years of king-free period of Israel.

So they did just fine for 1015 years governed only by the institution of the family the tribe and the judge. And they did fine for about 1094 years without any brick and mortar temple. In fact the greatest miracles (the Exodus) as well as the greatest expansion (Joshua) took place outside of temple worship and kingly authority.

Why was necessary the introduction of the temple (the priestly institution) and the institution of the king? Even though the priestly institution was indeed established by Moses it took centuries before the need for a temple and a king became of great importance.

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