God looks down from heaven on the children of man to see if there are any who understand who seek after God. (‭Psalm‬ ‭5‬:‭2‬ ESV)

So what is it that God is really looking for when he examines the children of men?

Is he looking for perfection? Or extreme religious devotion? What is it that pleases him when he investigates the direction we choose?

This Psalm simplifies it to the extreme.

The author had a profound revelation – all God is looking for is people who will seek Him and who will understand.

The person or people who seek God will also be the person or people who will understand Him and His ways.

Most of us are vexed over the wrong things we say or do or the things we dont say or do. Turns out what we do or dont do quite possibly stems out of our state of seeking or not seeking God.


How do we seek God?

Seeking God is quite unnatural to our natural mind and yet it is quite natural to our spirit-man. This means we need to develop a culture a discipline of seeking God.

We seek God individually and we seek God as a body.

We are to set aside time in our individual lives when we seek God. For me this is the morning hour. The first thing I do when I wake up in my normal routine of life is to open up the Word of God. The Word sets me up for the day. My mind and my spirit feed on the eternal Word of God and charge me up for the day.

Seeking God in the morning hour is imperative.

We seek His goodness. We affirm our allegiance to His will. We position ourselves to hear His guidance.

Thirty minutes to an hour of seeking God each morning can impact the rest of our day in a powerful way!


Understanding comes when it comes. Its up to us to seek God its up to Him when He gives us understanding of His ways and will. It might come right at the time of our seeking it might come later.

The Holy Spirit is attracted to seekers of God. He hovers over us and our circumstances. Hes never too far. His guidance is with us. He is able to impress it on our minds…if we remain seeking and attentive.

Thats all really God is looking for when he looks down on us and examines our lives. Unfortunately man-made religion complicates it all to a point where people feel like I could never do that! and they give up.

Pompous pulpit personalities often times lay legalistic loads of requirements on those who desire to live right. Or they lower the bar so much that no one really cares.

When understanding from God comes to us it changes our perspective of what were about what our lives are about and what others and their lives are about. Balance comes. Peace comes. Order comes. Applying effort in one or another direction now makes sense. Running the race becomes joyful.

It grieves God when mankind turns its back on him and treats him like he doesnt exist. And then to top it off people blame Him when things go wrong in their lives. It doesnt matter how well educated are those who treat God lightly. God calls this foolishness and it certainly is.

Lets be like one of those who seek Him and who thus qualify to receive understanding from Him – its doable its good and its the right thing to establish in the foundation of our lives.

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Seeking the Kingdom of God first!