In the last several years I have been praying and seeking the Lord: “Show me your ways! Show me what you are up to please Lord! I want to be part of what You are doing not to try to make You part of what I’m doing… or what I think I should be doing. We don’t have much time make me a faithful and wise servant. A steward of time health relationships and everything else you have made me a steward of.”

This is what I received in the process of getting clarity as to what is Gods mandate for this work: it is best explained as three mandates working together as one.

  • The Gospel Mandate
  • The Cause of Liberty
  • The Mercy Mandate

It could be said that these three streams mandates or spheres of life have always been part of what the Lord has had me involved in over the last 25 years of ministry. No matter what the “project” was; starting a church ministering alongside various ministries around the world advocating for the persecuted or raising help for those in need… these three dimensions of God’s Spirit were manifest to me and to those involved who know me.

I now see clearly more than ever the significance of each one of these Godly dynamics. How they connect work together and how they are instrumental to advance the Kingdom of God more effectively.

I am calling it an Alliance because I am very much looking forward to banding together with partner leaders and ministries. Theres so much synergy when there are shared values and core competencies are recognized and used in the right context. 

What is the Lord up to?

So what is the Lord up to? Well He is up to many things in many different ways… in different places and through different people. Each scenario is amazing and unique in its own way. So before putting forth the time effort energy and resources and asking others to do the same…I would like to know the Lords desires and have the confirmation that He wants me or any of us involved.

I have identified the following three domains – three “Kingdom Mandates” this ministry is being called to:

1. The Gospel Mandate

The Gospel Mandate pertains to the preaching of the Gospel. It involves the restoration of the authenticity of Biblical revelation and then imparting that to present and future generations. This includes the reformation of the Church the activation of God’s gifts and callings to individual members of the Body of Christ and imparting strategies that spiritually impact whole churches networks and movements.


How is this to be carried out in practical terms:

  • Compiling and disseminating a body of teaching from a Kingdom-centric apostolic prophetic perspective.
  • Pioneering teaching platforms using schools seminars courses classes institutes and other formats.
  • Partnering with existing ministries to help existing efforts by using the teaching and preaching assets entrusted to us by the Lord.
  • Church-planting and partnering with church-planting groups.
  • Bringing apostolic oversight to churches and groups who are in need.
  • Release of the office of the prophet to function at maximum capacity.
  • Designing and executing strategies and programs specific to different locations and cultural contexts.
  • Become a catalyst in the processes involving the Reformation of the Church.
  • Bring coaching and personal development expertise to individuals churches and networks.
  • Establish a healing and deliverance ministry in the Twin Cities
  • Introduce a Recovery from Addiction program (Partnering with organizations e.g. Teen Challenge locally in the Twin Cities as well as internationally)

EXISTING activities:

  • Apostolic work in Bulgaria and other European countries (France Spain The Netherlands the UK Germany Serbia Macedonia Belarus etc.)
  • Start officially a new work (a micro-church) in the Twin Cities.
  • Ministry to men (using the Resolute format).
  • Serving as a company chaplain at BSAW Minneapolis.
  • Joining forces service and help ministries in the Philippines.

2. The Cause of Liberty

The Cause of Liberty is near and dear to God’s heart my heart and the heart of everyone who has been part of the work Ive been a part of across many nations. This currently involves (but is not limited to):

  • Serving the persecuted church (Belarus being one of the countries I have had a long-standing relationship with).
  • Speaking to issues relating to Liberty in places and nations where we are currently ministering. We accomplish this through church plantings and through works related to and stemming from spreading the Gospel.
  • Developing platforms and initiatives to empower believers to become active citizens to get involved with civic activities ( which includes running for various governmental offices).


Help start discussion clubs where we are preaching the Gospel.

Educate people about the fundamentals and the history of Liberty.


  • Early stage pioneering of a conservative Discussion Club in Bulgaria
  • Plans to start a Conservative Discussion Club in the Twin Cities in 2017
  • Plans to visit Belarus to minister to the needs of the persecuted church that currently exits in that country.

3. The Mercy Mandate

The Mercy mandate is to deliver tangible “hands on” help and support toward those…. from the most talented to the most vulnerable.

There are many talented and gifted believers in the Body of Christ. When ministered to in practical terms they can flourish and become the champions God has called them to be. However many don’t have the means the guidance or spiritual insight to accomplish this on their own.

The Mercy Mandate must also reach out and be “there” for the most needy and vulnerable. To provide them a pathway to embrace appreciate and celebrate life.


  • The Work in the Philippines
  • Bring coaching and personal development expertise to individuals churches and networks.
  • Establish a recovery ministry in the Twin Cities

How are we going to do this?

The vision of the Threefold Christian Alliance is to be an “Antioch” platform which:

  • Brings clarity and understanding of God’s purpose for the Body of Christ and for existing cultures on the earth.
  • Consolidates the appropriate resources: ministry gifts tools finances and programs to the people and places the Holy Spirit directs us to.
  • Multiplies the impact of what works based on the multi-generational principle of 2 Tim. 2:2