Do you feel like days go by and you have to be busy with all sorts of things to keep life moving ahead…while deep inside you have this nagging sense that you might not be doing THE most important thing you were meant to do?

The thing you might have to answer to Him about…in that fateful day when you will find yourself standing before Him…and no one else and nothing else around you…the day you wont be able to point to anyone and anything and make excuses…because they wont even be visible seen they wont be around. Because everyone stands or falls before the Maker Savior and Judge of us all on our own by ourself for ourself.

The possibility even the slightest chance that you might have missed His instruction signal commission…while you were busy surviving your childhood adulthood and every other trying season in your life…its scary!

And yet you never got around to set all this busy life stuff to the side and take the time and apply the effort into this one thing – to press in…fast if you have to…go away for a week…ask someone you respect and are accountable to to support you in your pursuit…

And get on your face before Him and get real clear direction and a sense of belonging to His Kingdom.

Imagine leaving this seeking His face type of encounter with a sense of equilibrium. Feeling good in your own skin. Feeling recharged and seeing your place and usefulness as a vessel to be used in His grand scheme of things?! 
If you dont know how to…thats okay…most people have never been taught how to. But hey youre reading this. Drop me a line. Perhaps I have an idea what this is about…which is why I put myself out and write up things like these.

Because who knows…May be thats the one thing I have to give an account for? So there Ive done my part; Ive taken the time Ive gone out of my confront zone. Ive written it down youre reading it now. Do your part. Get out of your comfort zone! Drop me a line. Lets agree on what you have to do. Or do this with someone you already know and have this type of a relationship. 

Time is running!

This might only be the beginning of something new and amazing…

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