Yesterday I watched the movie The Green Prince. For those of you who have Netflix its the one movie you must see as soon as possible!

It moved me deeply!

Ive been following Mosabs story ever since it broke on Fox News few years ago. Ive prayed for this amazing young man and followed his blog and writings. He kind of disappeared for a while only to come back out again roaring and taking it to a whole new level with his book Son of Hamas and now with this movie.

To say Mosabs story is amazing is a major understatement. Its probably one of the greatest stories if not the greatest story of someone who had a deep searching for TRUTH observed what was going on around him and chose to follow his heart and convictions as opportunities presented themselves.

In some ways I can relate to him even though on a much smaller scale. I can relate to him doubting his own culture family heritage and daring to go against the systems of this world in order to follow his convictions. In this regard if I died today I will die a happy man because I have lived life to its fullest. Mosab has already lived life to its fullest. He knows what it is to become so acutely aware of who you are who your people are and who they arent what is the right thing to do and what it means to have the courage to do the right thing.

Doing the right thing when it May cost you dearly is what defines for life people who have had such opportunities and chose not to shrink back in fear.

In this regard I feel sorry for so many people Ive known in the brief time Ive lived in this world who operate out of fear.

But I digress!

Some people have made remarks about Mosab and his story being an amazing sign to both Jews and Palestinians.

Well Ill let Jews and Palestinians decide that for themselves.

Heres what I personally can tell you for a fact when it comes to the church world as we know it: as much as Mosab Hassan Yousef is a sign to both Jews and Palestinian Arabs in a way I doubt most unacquainted with these cultures and issues can understand he is definitely a sign and a wonder to Church People everywhere but especially in the Western world and especially here in the United States!

I use the term Church People to draw a contrast between Christians (true believers in Christ) and those who are simply nominal cultural church-goers.

(I say this because Ive known enough of both kinds to tell the difference. I say this in humility because no one has a guaranteed anything in life and anyone can end up veering off from the Way of Christ at one point or another. It could be me today and it could be you tomorrow. We really dont know. Which is why it behooves us to discover who are the people God has sent our way to help us stay on track with Him. Finishing well is not as easy as most people think!)

Id also say that the Lord brought Mosab here in America to shake up the church world as much as to shake up the Jewish and the Islamic worlds.

ANYONE hearing these words should know this man speaks THE TRUTH and hes not messing with God.

ANYONE and especially those in America who are professional clergy and lead churches or take any kind of position of influence in the Church world should be listening to Mosabs words very very carefully.

They are as much a tribute to the true and living Christ as they are a rebuke to the dead religion so prevalent in so many places today.

Dead religion does kill. It kills the truth it quenches the fire it confuses the mind.

Jesus Christ THE LIVING GOD transcends religion and all its trappings. This is the Christ that transformed Mosabs life and speaks through him today.

Is there room for this Christ in most churches today? Ill let you think about that.

Whats my religion one might ask?

My religion is NO RELIGION…and this incredible person Mosab Hassan Yousef former Son of Hamas has summed it up perfectly in one paragraph:

Religion steals freedom kills creativity turns us into slaves and against one another. Yes I am talking about Christianity as well as Islam. Most Christians I have seen seem to have missed the point that Jesus redeemed us from religion. Religion is nothing but mans attempts to get back to God. Whether it is Islam Christianity Judaism Buddhism Hinduism animism any ism. Religion cant save mankind. Only Jesus could save mankind through his death and resurrection. And Jesus is the only way to God. ̵Source

Respect to this young lion and May the Lord give him strength to stand against the wicked demonic entity SPIRIT OF RELIGION and the wicked corrupt RELIGIOUS SYSTEM! May Mosab influence hundreds of thousands and millions of people and help them break free from the same bondage our Lord Jesus Christ has set us all free!

Author: @reformist

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