When a man takes the decision to through clerical training and ordination and become a priest a minister or a rabbi what hes saying to the world is I know something about morality. I know something of good and evil. Im qualified to comment and offer guidance on such things. The clergy have traditionally acted as moral arbiters in society. They present themselves as those best qualified to identify and condemn evil.

̵; Dr. Edward Madigan Historian and Author

The above quote is from a 2010 lecture by Dr. Madigan exploring morality and the role of the British clergy during the First World War. Clergy played a key role in Western societies in both WWI and WW2. Religion in general played a key role on both sides of the equation. Whats interesting is that Dr. Madigans brief definition of the primary function of someone who takes upon the duties of a clergy doesnt and shouldnt change even in peace time. Obviously after two world wars and the collapse of traditional Christian values and culture Western societies are in dire need of a new breed of clergy who will restore the credibility of this office and thus will be able to help ordinary men and women restore the the moral texture each one of us needs to live a life of dignity and godliness.

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