The following prophetic dream was recently shared with a group of leaders I relate to. It came to us through Tuomo Salonen – a covenantal friend in Christ with whom we have known each other for over a decade. He and his wife Marina have been faithful intercessors for many years praying for the advancement of Gods Kingdom in Austria.

This word is relevant to the situation in Austria but other places as well – since the tactics of the religious spirit are seen everywhere in the Body of Christ the Church. I concur with Tuomos interpretation that this spirit is responsible for chocking the life out of people and churches.

May the Spirit of God wake us up and set us free from the schemes of Satan and his cohorts.

George Bakalov


Dear George

The Lord has shown us while praying that the system will be judged in this nation – in the catholic church the free churches – all churches and He will use prophetic voices to release the new order. They have been in caves hidden but are coming out now. Yes it has been dry here and still is but dry will burn better…Without prayer nothing is going to change but there are intercessors and we are not alone.

I want to tell you one dream that the Lord gave me: I was in front the embassy (not the real one where I work) and in front of me was a beaver and I was holding it in distance because I was afraid of it – I knew it could be changed into python and it had power in its tail and back feet to hurt and strangle people. Then some colleagues came out and told me that the beaver was just a cute pet and that I could just take and hold it – I did so but I bound its back feet so that it couldnt strangle or hurt me. After that I went back in the embassy and it was there than usual when I came in I saw that everything was changed!

There was three floors everything was transparent there were no walls and I could see through everything. In the highest floor was the office room of the ambassador bigger and there were more offices the ground floor was the biggest. In the highest floor was one desk and chair – it was for the ambassador only in the second floor there was more desks and chairs and the ground floor was the biggest. I don’t know if the ambassador means Christ or maybe chief apostle (like James in Jerusalem) – in my language the ambassador means sent one (literally the great sent one).

The first part of the dream is for me clear. The Lord has shown us a couple of times in prayer that the religious system is build from dead works.

Here’s my interpretation: The beaver in the dream is likable busy and smart builder. The python is like the demonic spirit Paul encountered in Greece in Acts 16:16-18– a spirit of divination that is disturbing prayer and strangling the life out of it this came first in my mind when I woke up.

Now the beaver is the dead works it looks cute and you want to hold it – and then it changes into python and it squeezes prayer and life away from the Church – then the embassy is always the Church in my dreams!

Now – when we see this and bind the dead works the church can be changed.

Tuomo Salonen

Vienna Austria

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