This Prophetic Confirmation For Courage should be used with caution. If someone has chosen to live in sin and outright rebellion against God no affirmation can make up for their immoral choices. Prophetic Affirmations are given with the hope that those who receive them also understand the important of being accountable for who they are and what they do in their lives.

You are stronger than you think. In Christ youre capable of a lot more than a mere mortal.


Not just one day when your spirit leaves its earthly temple and rejoins the Lord in the temple above. You are of a different kind – now and today.

Dont expect skeptical mockers to see you for who you are in Christ. They see you only only as the total sum of partial experiences theyve had with you. Few glimpses of mostly superficial contact.

They dont know who you are in Christ let alone who you could be in Him. They are at best…indifferent spectators. Dont give them more credit than what they deserve.

Get into agreement with those who have an expectation to see Christ in you. Those are your true friends. They already know your weaknesses or if they dont and grow colder after seeing them they dont know what a true friend is. Find one make one. Dont allow yourself to be in a place of isolation. Be a friend make a friend. Show mercy and compassion sow mercy and compassion.

Saddle up. Chart your path forward. Move on.

Lift up your eyes to Him who calls you according to his power. He has become one with you through the Spirit. Where you end He begins.

Learn to honor this boundary. Learn how to mistrust your carnal self and how to lean on Christ in you not on you.

Speak to God in unknown tongues so He can speak back to you in a way youll be able to understand. Give him what you cant understand with your mind so he can give you what you can grasp with your spirit.

Dont lose sight of the timing of God. Know He has limited evil in its scope reach and time. Dont forget He has the final say!

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