Here I am in a small plane with my buddy Chris (to how many places around the world have we been together now Chris?) approaching Masbate – one of Philippines 7000 islands home to some 85000 people.
Were coming here trusting the leadership of pastor Roy.
Why do I trust pastor Roy? Because I trust God in pastor Roy I trust Roys heart for the Lord I trust God has raised up Roy to bring Jesus rule and reign to many Philippines. 
Its because this man in his own way is another Manny Pacquiao – even if the arena is not the boxing ring and even if pastor Roy hasnt earned millions of dollars for fighting the fights God has gotten him involved in.
Still pastor Roy who was living in the streets of Manila Metro at one point in his life feels like hes a fighter called by God to fight for the people in the slums.
When I tell them where I came from and what God has done for me they listen to me says Roy in his very good English but with his unique Philippine accent. 
His vision is bigger than the helping rescue kids from the misery of the slums of Manila.

He realizes the Gospel is for all people everywhere all the time. 
Which brings us to Masbate. Its where pastor Roy felt the Lord lead him to plant a new work and build a base.
Were here to learn listen to him observe pray hear from the Lord and minister together with him to small towns and individual families. Were unable to do Gods work on our own. Together everyone flowing in their unique gift mixes and strengths nothing can stop us! We can make a difference – even in places as remote as Masbate! 

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