Jesus said some very offensive things. He was so offensive that fully expected even his own disciples to leave him. Thankfully they didnt. In this very offensive statement Jesus exposes human nature at its worst. This is not talking about demons its about people!

Yes we people in our fallen nature have the ability to become pigs who consume whatever is thrown in our face. All kinds of carnal-feeding content coming to us through TV commercials newspapers Internet browsing Twitter Facebook StumbleUpon Netflix! The list goes on and on!

We have a real crisis on our hands – God wants to share His precious thoughts with us He is longing to reveal to us His secrets but can he find some people who have refused to be pigs?

Once we develop such relationship with him and he shares with us His pearls – Holy Spirit revealing specific things to us do we have some people in our lives with whom we feel safe to share these pearls?

Or will we find ourselves surrounded by pig friends who are so zombied by popular culture and so consumed by their selfishness that they cant register any pearls any valuable thing from God yours included?

Deep inside a selfish pig lives in each and everyone of us. Its human nature. The inclination to be selfish to consume whatever youre throw at and to have a complete disregard for the things of God.

Through the new birth a new man rises on the inside empowered by God in the struggle to dominate over the selfish carnal nature we all have inherited from grandpa Adam. The apostle Paul expounds on this in Galatians 5.

Our next greatest struggle is to discover those who God has intended to be in our lives those we are to covenant with those with whom we walk in Christian love and mutual respect and affirmation. The fellowship of the Body of Christ – sharing lifes journey sometimes a very tough one with fellow believers who have accepted each other in Christ walk in the truth and host the person and the presence of Jesus through their intentional acts of love.

This isnt easy but its also not impossible.

God works in amazing ways and he is faithful and true to bring us into fellowship where each person can cast their pearls before friends who feel like they can do the same. No pearls for the pigs – keep them for who they are intended to be given!

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