Much of the world the United Nations included recognizes the old socialist IWD holiday (March 8th). If we examine little better its history the name International Womens Day might appear to be better fitting.

Soviet women

The simple truth is that and have failed women and theres no reason whatsoever this date should be honored by people who seek to show women respect. Rather it should be exposed for the propaganda and the brainwashing it has been and it continues to be.

Feminism was a major force behind the Bolshevik revolution of 1917. Lenin himself has said: the success of a revolution depends on the participation of women. Women in Russia went to work in the factories in WWI and they became part of the labor force. Once this happened and women began to earn money the genie was let out of the bottle so to say and there was no going back for some women. Communists seized the moment and began to sell a new ideal for women one that has nothing to do with the traditional role of the woman as a primary caregiver to children and taking care of the home.

The traditional home was labeled patriarchal oppression and Communism promised to liberate women from this evil. This was in theory. The reality turned out very different.

While new laws made women equal to men the promised feminist paradise never became a reality in any of the Communist countries. Communism was designed to exploit people and the only thing it secured for women was equal exploitation with men not equal rights.

The roles of women in the workforce and to some extent politics were very similar to those of men. Women had equality in jobs given to them in principle but not in practice employers still preferred men over women in some fields yet in others they preferred females for example females made better construction workers than men in the way they took fewer breaks. All around women tended to be paid less than men. (Molly Wolanski The Role of Women in Soviet Russia).

To achieve this goal women would have to be released from the traditional confines of domestic chores with childcare becoming the responsibility of society as a whole through the provision of cheap good quality public dining halls laundries sewing centres creches and nurseries. The Bolsheviks were accused of breaking up families and relationships but the provision of these facilities lifting the burden off the shoulders of women would enable relationships to be formed on an equal and voluntary basis. – Jen Pickard Women in the Soviet Union

Special units were introduced in Communist Russia for the sole purpose of liberating women.

The specific task of the womens department was to bring the broad mass of women into politics by visiting factories and villages selling the monthly Kommunistka (circulation about 30000) organizing literacy classes and discussion circles. In the countryside in particular it was important to raise the sights of the peasant women from the problems of their own individual lives and to enable them to see issues such as childcare as the responsibility of society as a whole. – Jen Pickard Women in the Soviet Union

Abortion was made legal in Russia in 1920. Divorce became easy from a legal standpoint. The new social engineering experiment was in full swing.

How did it end?

Mikhail Gorbachev writes in his book Perestroika: New Thinking for our Country and the World:

women no longer have enough time to perform their everyday duties at home – housework the upbringing of children and the creation of a good family atmosphere. We have discovered that many of our problems – in childrens and young peoples behavior in our morals culture and in production – are partially caused by the weakening of family ties and slack attitudes to family responsibilities…we should…make it possible for women to return to their purely womanly mission. – Mikhail Gorbachev Perestroika: New Thinking for our Country and the World

Cleary the feminist socialist experiment has failed. Marriages have suffered because of the shattering of the traditional family under communism children have suffered women have suffered and men have suffered.

In a broader sense Communism capitalized on the failures of life in Russia under the former imperial rule. and Biblical education could have been the force to reform Russia. The failure of the Russian Orthodox Church to bring the wisdom of Gods word for a better world which depends on better godly families is clearly another reason for the turn of events in Russia in the beginning of the 20th century.

Still the failure of historic Christianity to honor women as bearers of the image and likeness of God and to release them as co-heirs of Christ with men in matters related to the formation of society cannot be repaired by radical Communist God-haters and the twisted mindset of ungodly philosophies be they feminism or any of its variants.

Government cannot manage the economy just as it is incapable of managing peoples homes and raising their kids all in the name of some utopian equal society a paradise on Earth as if it were.

For this and many more other reasons March 8th should be mourned not celebrated as International Womens Fail Day!

George Bakalov

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