They Start Fresh Every Day

When we start the day off consumed with past problems and failures it’s like a driver who treats the rear view mirror like it’s the windshield. Yesterday last quarter and last year are over and never to return. Stop trying to resurrect and re-live it in your mind. Mistakes and misfortune are part of every leader’s life but they need to become stepping stones to Success.

Don’t rent out mental space to circumstances or people you cannot change. Reflection is healthy; obsessing over the past will consume energy you need for today’s trouble.

Power Thought: “Dost thou love life? Then do not squander time for it is the stuff life is made of.” Benjamin Franklin

They Keep Afloat and On Course

Many leaders are like a ship floating aimlessly in a sea of distractions with few actions directly connected to best use of their time. They fight a bombardment of emails staff/client issues social media and phone calls competing to eat up their time.

This type of day breeds tiredness and frustration due to lack of accomplishment and missed opportunity. Additionally new problems are now birthed due to the leader’s inability to command the day and take care of what really mattered.

Commanding the day is about being intentional with who has your time and what your trying to accomplish. Leaders work with people and need to answer this question:What do I need to accomplish and then who do I need to educate empower or encourage?

If it doesn’t fit into achieving your daily missions then you need to say No and get control of your time. 75% of your time needs to be highly focused and not distracted by calls emails and meetings that aren’t in line with your mission. Take 25% for all the distractions personal time and items outside your goals.

Power Thought: “The Best thing about the future is that it comes one day at a time” Abraham Lincoln

They Keep Prospective

An effective leader learns how to see what’s ahead. They take time to ponder discuss and articulate where the organization is going.

Heres an easy formula to get started:

1) Identify – Get your vision thoughts out of your head – write or type them out

2) Prioritize – List all items in order of importance. Great leaders know what to do next.

3) Strategize – Set an appointment assign a specific time to address each one individually in order of importance and stay within your set time.

4) Execute – Implement the tactics needed to see this become a reality.

Commanding the day is not about endless lists and timetables. It’s more about an attitude and discipline that drives 75% of every day towards what you really want.

 This post appeared originally on LinkedIn. Reposted with permission.


Todd M. Boffo

Todd is the Sr. Managing Partner for SIG Ventures and Co-Founder of The International Coalition of US Education. In the past year he’s made aggressive moves going after two hot markets –international education and green tech. Todd has also served on boards and held leadership positions within various nonprofits. Todd is a masterful speaker and people leadership expert who has used his skills in places like China Mexico Haiti Central America and throughout the US.

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