On May 4th 2 0 1 3 I had the kind of dream I had never had before in my life. In essence it reveals the clash between those who seek to be free under Christ and the religious spirit (and its systems).

I feel like the last few years have been a season of God purging me from the leaven of the religious system of which I never considered myself to have been and yet I operated within its domain and built relationships with people and groups who are deeply vested in it.

I feel like God is preparing his true Body for a time of severe testing. He needs people who will not flinch once they know who they are in Him and what they are called to do. We seem to be moving towards a time of great fragmentation and centralization all at the same time. The old forms of the institutional historic church are fragmenting. Society seems to be fragmenting like never before. This will leave multitudes of people with a sense of isolation and fear. The spirit of this world as well as the religious spirit will seek to take advantage of this sense of fragmentation and will offer new forms of centralization which is a fake substitute for true relational unity with and under God. True unity is patterned after the family paradigm. The family is the foundation of Gods civilization of life in the earth. The Body of Christ was always meant to be a family of families.

People do amazing things in the name of God. People also do awful things in the name of God. The religious spirit drives people into things that have nothing to do with God.

This dream might alert some people like it alerted me to the degree at which the religious spirit desires to control all things. Some operate in it without realizing it. Top-level operators probably know something isnt right but are too deluded to see it.

Our God literally DWELLS in the oxygen of liberty. Where the Spirit of the Lord is there is freedom! The religious spirit seeks to suffocate any and all forms of Gods life and freedom which are inseparable.

Ill say it again life and liberty are inseparable!

And now allow me to share with you some of the pearls Jesus was kind enough to share with me.


It was a very different kind of a dream. It was a dream within the dream which I will attempt to convey here.

In the first dream which lasted a very short time I was at some kind of a friendly event and someone offered me something to eat. They had actually prepared a bite of this meal and were a bit too persistent which made me suspicious. I wondered if there was something in the food they were giving me. But I took it since it was a gathering of a trusted circle and it would have been rude to refuse what this person was offering.


Almost instantly after I took the food I was given I felt like I found myself into another dream while still remembering the first and the events of it.

But now there was an amazing change – there wasnt even an ounce of vagueness here. I was in a gondola in what looked like an old city with many European style buildings and 19th century architecture. However I knew it wasnt Venice which is known for gondolas. Rather it felt more like Vienna or Brussels like a place where business and meetings was conducted. Still it was stunningly beautiful!

The colors were so vivid they overwhelmed my senses! I was like hypnotized I couldnt take my eyes away from the gardens we were passing by. While being wowed with the crispness and the clarity of what I was seeing and how real it was I was thinking “I know this is a dream but I sure wish everyone could see this beauty!”

In other words I was fully conscious while having the dream with my rational mind operating at least to some degree in the process. Which made the impact of everything I was seeing so much greater.

In retrospect what this initial experience did for me the experience of travelling down a channel in a gondola and observing the beautiful buildings gardens and flowers and how real and stunningly beautiful they were simply got my full attention and completely “woke up” every part of my brain. I was in fact sleeping awake. Only someone who has had such a “sleeping awake” experience knows what this is like. It has happened to me few other times and each time it has been real – where I was fully awake and any and all decision and choice I made in such sleeping awake type of a dream I felt had the full weight of a moral decision I would make as if I was fully awake.


The gondola arrived at where I was meant to go. It was an incredibly impressive building with what looked like a wall rising 30 feet all covered with thick layer of ivy. I looked around but as far as my eyes could see there was no gate. I looked again and I saw a ladder going up against the wall. I began climbing.

As I reached the top I could see the inside of what looked like a huge courtyard. Further down there was truly a great building but my whole attention was drawn to the courtyard area. There were many people gathered all dressed in very classy expensive clothes. They were part of some kind of religious gathering but I could already sense the atmosphere and it felt unhealthy.

I noticed the attention of those present was mostly on a man who was dressed in what looked like a red priestly robe. He had some kind of cardinal looking hat but it wasnt Catholic. Rather it looked more like some kind of new a new order of ceremony but borrowing much of its paraphernalia from older existing religious symbols. The priest was holding something in his hand and was performing a ritual. People were laid back like at a cocktail party sitting in lawn chairs and observing the ritual. Some were quietly conversing with each other. I noticed many of the observers were in groups and they were holding their cocktail glasses chatting with each other while keeping an eye on what the priest was doing. It was a strange mix of casualness modernity partying and yet religious ritual all interwoven into one. The noise from this party at which there were several hundred participating was similarly a mix of the religious chanting of the priest who was reading from some book some religious text the chatter coming from those observers who were talking to each other (many were sitting in chairs and observing without talking to others) and some background music which was the kind of soothing meaningless soft jazz used in shopping malls.

I forgot to mention there were several other priests as well but they were of lesser rank and most of them were also just observing.


As I was watching this scene this strong impression began to form in my mind that I have to join this group of people. A very clear and persistent thought almost like a voice began speaking to me that I really need to be part of this circle of very important and influential people. The thoughts kept coming in urging me to simply jump. Nothing would happen to me even if it was really high I kept thinking.

These thoughts were appealing to my pride – if I only jumped I would quickly find myself in the middle of importance. I wouldnt be left out.

At once I remembered that in my first dream I was given something to eat. I instantly knew these thoughts were related to that and they werent mine. I knew I didnt belong in this circle. Everything in my being knew I had nothing in common with this group and what they were doing. But I also realized there was a part of me that was susceptible to what these thoughts were all about and I could have made a decision to give in. This inner struggle went on for a while.

I resisted long enough and finally the thoughts left me.


Suddenly there was a disturbance. The mood changed. People started to look stressed while trying to keep their front.

I sensed the tension. The music stopped. I saw people dressed like guards making their way to the chief priest. One of the guards began to whisper into his ear. The priest turned to the people present said something angrily and all of a sudden turned straight at me and pointed in my direction. I knew I had been uncovered.

From this point on things became intense.

The guards started to leave the courtyard and I knew they were coming to get me.

Amazingly against my instinct to run I found myself scrambling to find a notebook and something to write on. I kept going through my pockets and finally found this old fashioned pocket size notebook. I heard a clear voice which spoke with great authority and brought peace to me so I wasnt concerned about knowing there were guards coming after me. I knew this was the voice of God.

He told me to write this down: “Watch over my people. Exhort them teach them. Dont flinch!”

That was it. I now had to run.


The last part of the dream was nothing short of a crazy escape and a run for my life. I was scrambling to get back to street level from my position. The guards were running towards me. They were vicious. Some were dressed like ninjas some like guards in uniforms.

I started running and found myself running over the top of all these cars parked along the street.

The assassins were throwing at me things like knives and other objects that were meant to hurt me. I kept running.

The End

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