Here we have an interesting moment in the life of Jeremiah the prophet showing how God can use commercial transactions as a prophetic language. Jesus used workplace scenarios to convey spiritual truth Paul and his team worked with their own hands to secure their livelihood for some or most of the time.

Yet inspire of some progress with the workplace movement in the last decade theres still a great divide between commerce career business and what most people think a life of spirituality involves.

Then Hanamel my cousin came to me in the court of the guard in accordance with the word of the Lord and said to me ‘Buy my field that is at Anathoth in the land of Benjamin for the right of possession and redemption is yours; buy it for yourself.’

Then I knew that this was the word of the Lord. (Jer. 3:8)

Sadly since most theology and theologians mostly operate in the abstract (whether we call it intellectual or spiritual) rather than real-to-life workplace scenarios the idea of God speaking about and through commerce has become foreign to many believers.

Employment can also be seen as a way of God speaking to His people. Employment is based on contract and contract is based on both economic principles and law. God speaking to employers could be just as significant as God speaking to pastors if not more. God speaking to people as employees could be just as significant as God speaking to a local church.

Sadly due to the religious spirit and the culture of religiosity in the church most churchgoers wouldnt be surprised to hear and see a prophetic word being given to a church but might be quite dismayed if a prophetic word was giving to the economy or a specific company.

And theres the flipside of the matter – where are the prophets who are hearing from God on matters related to the economy and to the business world? I know there are some but lets be honest there arent many who think that way and operate that way.

The same could be said about government academia and other domains of human affairs.

It appears to me we need a whole new breed of prophets whose lives arent based in the bubble of the church world and will be able to hear from God when he speaks words like the one mentioned in the beginning of this post. It will also take a new breed of believers who will just as readily lose the churchy sheep culture and will see themselves as Gods Kingdom ambassadors to their business or place of employment.


– Where has God placed you today to represent his kingdom?
– Are you standing before God (in prayer) for the organization you own lead or work for?
– what is God saying about your organization?
– do you have someone who stands in covenantal agreement with you for the prophetic purpose you represent at your company?
– are you doing the same for them?

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