To my friends – Im going to share something very personal I have never shared before I dont think. I hope yall can handle this in the right way. Your feedback is welcome as always.

Im sitting at a pizza place downtown Sofia taking a break from running errands and taking care of business.

The city just informed via tex message that they locked up my car for failure to park in the right way i.e. failing to pay for parking in the city. The reason for this is of course that they have this ridiculous 2 hour parking limit after which there is a gap of 15 minutes before you are allowed to pay for another 2 hours. So even if you want to pay on time you are basically not even allowed to do that within the 15 gap. And if you happen not to be physically in your car at that exact time you get slammed with a fine. This of course is a deliberatly concocted system in order to screw the people and force them into situations where they will fail to cover these absurd demands and will end up paying penalties and fees.

Screw you corrupt jerks is all I have to say about that! To the city authorities that is.

This is only one of the many many things that have been deliberately designed by the government system to cause people to fail. This happens on a daily basis on all kinds of levels from the street digital parking meters issue level I described above to all sorts of other situations small and great.

Ive always had mixed feelings about my native country. Today more than ever.

At this point Im not living here and yet its abundantly clear to me what the system is all about due to the fact Ive dealt with this system for many years and nothing has changed at all.

I dont expect the system in Bulgaria to change anytime soon.

Anything and everthing that the government runs here is a direct reflection of a system designed by the worst possible specimens Bulgaria has to offer. (The same goes for the religious system by the way).

All official systems here are fundamentally designed to make free thinking people – actual free individuals who want to think and act for themselves and run their own lives as they see fit to fail.

Bulgaria lovers hold your horses and dont start looking for the dirtiest word in your vocabulary to leave in the comments section: Im not bashing EVERTHING!

None of what Im saying has ANYTHING to do with the awesome beautiful montains and fields this country has been blessed with! Or its national heores and diffixult and yet glorious national history. Or the fact there are many many good people all over the place. Thats right. If you stay here for any lenght of time you will meet some totally awesome people.

Heres the problem – I just cant say with certainty what percentage of the people here are the normal non-GMO kind of people. Given the fact there are enough Muslim brain-dead zombie citizens who have been propping up the most corrupt most criminal of all parties the Turkish-Muslim political party (DPS) for 25 yeara now and also given the fact there are enough pro-Communist zombies – older people Communist zombies as well as their intelectual ideological and criminally realted younger heirs – the number of zombies in Bulgaria is trutly alarming!

They had been zombified by the Communist zombie public school system as well as the state-run funded and operated zombie media (TV radio and papers now web sites too).

They have been zombied by the zombie Russians of the former USSR. These days they are being zombified by the modern Pubtin zombie propaganda.

Its about zombies vs. actual real normal good people in Bulgaria.

Its about brain-dead post-Communist zombie-like individuals who design systems for failure and normal people who see it all and feel powerless to do anything about it.

Some are trying. I have the priviledge of even knowing some of the normal actual living thinking people and even call them friends.

Im just not sure how many of them there are really. Everytime I turn the TV on I see and hear the zombies. Everytime I visit a government institution theyre there.

Its a mixed up situation.

Like I said I have all these mixed feelings…

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