Faith is the evidence of things hoped for…. (Heb. 11:1) 

Jesus didnassume he was the Son of God. He KNEW he was who the Father said he was.

This type of faith is the faith the author of Hebrews is talking about. The kind of faith that knows things.

Many believers have tried to walk the faith walk while assuming things. Ive done it you probably have too.

Sooner or later reality settles in and washes away all our assumptins. What remains is only that which was either spoken and established by God or what the enemy has done or quite possibly what mankind produces in its chaotic efforts to make things better in our own way.

When we assume something is the will of God we do so trusting our minds not the evidence of things hoped for.

What is this evidence? I believe the evidence of things hoped for is what makes all the difference between assumptions and faith. The God-kind of faith is based on the evidence of things hoped for not mental assumptions. Its one thing for me to assume God wants us me to prosper its a totally different matter for me to have the evidence that God is leading me into prosperity. Its one thing for me to assume God wants my nation saved its a whole different matter to have the evidence that what God is leading me to invest my life into is part of Him saving the nation.

Friends we need to move beyond assumptions. Assumptions about who God is and what he wants to do are based on wishful thinking and on hear-say evidence. Faith is based on the evidence we have personally seen each one of us for ourselves in Scripture and what the Holy Spirit has spoken and shown us through visions dreams and other inspired communication. Theres no way around this. This is the dividing line between faith being a set of traditions and rituals or faith being a living force in our hearts and minds!

Dont let religionists limit your faith walk into the assumptions realm. We cant afford to live like this. Not today not now not ever! We need to know we need the evidence of things hoped for. We need to do what God is saying – both in the Word and through his Spirit – now and today! This is not utopia! The Father only asks of us what is possible and attainable. Do you need to have the evidence whether the work youre pouring your life into is worth the effort – you need to get this evidence from the Lord! No man can give it to you. God can speak and he can hear. Talk to him and then humble yourself and listen and receive the evidence of His will – a specific word from Him that will settle the matter once and for all!

These days we can check our email and receive within seconds text images video and sound coming to us from thousands of miles away.

Not so with God! We need to go back to being willing to pay the price of truly hearing from Him.

It takes TIME to stay in his presence and detox from the influences of this world – the media the daily chatter the cares of the world. If we do what Jesus said – go into our prayer closet SHUT THE DOOR and spend time before the Father we have all the reasons to expect for God to be as real to us as our own heartbeat! (Mat. 6:1-10) If we remain in the realm of assumptions and wishful thinking if we dont pay the price of tuning out of the daily chatter and tuning in to His voice we risk missing the opportunity of hearing from Him. Instead we settle for assuming things and this never ends well at the end of the day. Lets do better! Lets move beyond assumptions – on to real faith!

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