In case you missed it the news media reported this week that a team of Polish and Israeli experts have disovered one of the main gas chambers beneath the roads of the Sobibor labor camp in Poland: From The

The Sobibór Extermination Camp was located near the village and railway station of Sobibór in the eastern part of the Lublin district in Poland not far from the Chełm-Włodawa railway line. The camp was established along with the extermination camps of Treblinka and Bełżec as part of Aktion Reinhard. Built in March 194 it was basically composed of three parts each individually fenced in: the administration area the reception area and the extermination area. In addition there was a section of forest in the northern part of the camp where the Nazis had begun to construct a bunker. During the period of the camp’s operation April 1942– October 194 about 250000 Jews were murdered there. In the wake of the camp uprising that occurred on 14 October 194 the Germans decided to dismantle the camp. Apart from certain structures that have been dismantled since the war and the few buildings in connection to the camp that are still standing the site has remained bare lacking any real trace of the former extermination camp.

Ive been shocked to learn how many Nazi sympathizers there are all over the world. Islamists and garden variety Jew haters make up the most. But there are some sophisticated kinds more specifically those who pretend to be academicians who are nothing but a bunch of dishonest revisionists shamelessly trying to twist the minds of young people into believing there never was a Holocaust.

This was a bad week for Nazi apologists and history revisionists. The new discovery delivers yet one more evidence in favor of the position that should all the evidence be uncovered yet another 15 million victims might be added to the existing WWII numbers. Young people and freedom lovers forward this to 5 people you think need to hear this and help break the cycle of lies being perpetrated on innocent but also ignorant of historical facts people all over the world. Lets never allow this world to get to a place of yet another bloody attempt to exterminate the Jews.


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