Its both a joy and a privilege to be able to invite you to join a special meeting starting at 6:30 PM on October 10 at 

W. A. Frost and Company
374 Selby Ave St Paul MN 55102

With us will be two Chris and Angela Mould from the UK.

Chris is the Chairman of the Trussell Trust which operates the largest food bank in the UK. He is also the Non-Executive Chairman of Franchising Works Ltd and of the Foundation for Social Change and Inclusion (in Bulgaria).

You can read more about The Trussel Trust in this article by The Independent from earlier this year: 

Or you can also browse around The Trussel Trusts web site and learn more about their fascinating story and work:

Chris and Angela will be in the Twin Cities for a very special event! They are being flown in from the UK by Medtronics for Chris to participate in the Medtronics Twin Cities Marathon. 

The reason for this is because in 2014 Chris was diagnosed with severe aortic stenosis and a dilated aorta. The cause of his heart problems was a congenital bicuspid aortic valve.

The Medtronic’s Global Heroes program aims to celebrate and profile runners who have benefitted from medical technology. Each Global Hero represents their country and medical condition but more importantly they represent a return to “active life”. Chris has been selected as one of the 25 Global Heroes to take part in the Medtronic Twin Cities 10 mile race.

Says Chris: 

Taking part in the Medtronic’s Twin Cities 10 mile race as a Global Hero on 9th October is a wonderful way to mark the fact that life is now firmly back on track. I hope it will encourage people struggling with setbacks in life never to give up and highlight how with a little adjustment life really can be enjoyed again in full!

Before Chris and Angela leave the Twin Cities we will have an opportunity to hear from Chris some amazingly inspirational testimonies from his many years as a visionary leader both in the UK and in Bulgaria (now in other Balkan counties as well). 

You will be treated to a delightful dinner and the pleasant atmosphere W. A. Frost and Company offer. 

If you decide to help us send Chris and Angela back to the UK and The Trussell Trust with a special gift of financial blessing you will have the opportunity to do so too.

There will only be around 15 of us so this wont be a very large group at all. 

I hope you can join us for a relaxed evening in the presence of Christian friends from the metro area some who you might know and some who you might meet for the first time. 

George Bakalov

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