George Bakalov is the founder of Breakthrough Christian Center a thriving local church with national and international vision based in Sofia Bulgaria and currently pastored by pastor Kaloyan Kurdomanov and a second generation leaders. Through the 1990s the church experienced explosive growth and became the target of the socialist government for a period of 5 years throughout which period it was not allowed to operate as a legitimate church and was persecuted in various ways including confiscation of a leased building unwarranted police investigations and confiscation of private property. Today Breakthrough Christian Center has been fully restored as a ministry and through its members plays an important role in the Body of Christ in Bulgaria by advancing the message of the Kingdom impacting the national culture getting involved in the political realm and in society in general.

George is also the founder and overseeing apostle of Apostolic Reformed Church a national network of churches in Bulgaria who work together for the restoration of the fivefold ministry the proclamation of the Kingdom of God evangelism church planting and the transformation of society.

Internationally George has preached the Gospel in many different counties among which Serbia Austria Macedonia Romania Hungary The Czech Republic Poland Germany France Italy Spain Slovakia the UK Norway Russia the United States Canada Colombia Singapore Hong Kong Japan Indonesia Sri Lanka Myanmar Kazakhstan Puerto Rico and Ethiopia.

Currently George is pioneering a new work in the south suburbs of The Twin Cities of Minnesota.

George considers his family friends and genuine Christian brothers and sisters the greatest blessing of all!