I offer this 2006 video interview I was able to take from him as we all remember this great man of God!


Photography by Ivo Oreshkov one of the spiritual sons former drug addict now recovered through faith in Christ; a professional wedding photographer.

Looking at the world were living in have you ever wondered what God is up to in this seemingly out of control chaotic mess? 

For example I never thought that 25 years after the collapse of Communism in Russia and Eastern Europe so many Americans will be so caught up in the hype of leftist utopian ideas and so much of the world would be living in terror of Islamic terrorism. 

For those of us who were born and raised in the totalitarian reality of Communism as I was the 90s were supposed to be just the beginning of a new era of freedom and liberty never seen before. It was pretty clear to us that Communism which is leftism on [violence] steroids is pure evil! 

I like many others thought that the nightmare of the Cold War was behind us and we were eager to start living meaningful lives in the days ahead taking full advantage of freedom the technology revolution and the globalization of business. 

And what about Islam and all its primitivism and barbarianism? This represented an even worse nightmare which was supposed to have been left far behind in history. 

Apparently not.

In fact the sad reality is that more than ever we are witnessing the proliferation of evil and corruption even in the countries of the so-called free world. But how free is really the free world today? What is freedom and what is liberty anyway? Does God care about liberty? Does this generation even want to know about these things?

Now I take the Bible very very seriously. I also take history very seriously. If we overlook the lessons and the wisdom of the Bible and history we are in trouble. And many countries and cultures are.

I want to know what God is up to and whatever I come to believe He is up to I want to know that its Biblical that it lines up with history and that its what the Spirit is speaking to the Body of Christ now.

Why are there so many for whom the main thing isnt the main thing anymore? Why are so many who say Gods call is of primary importance to them but when you examine their works it only appears they are caught up in all sorts of confusion and fantasies (bubbles) including the religious types?

Apostolic Clarity

After the Ascension Jesus established The Twelve (1 is a governmental number in ancient Hebraic prophetic tradition) and the order that was established in Acts Chapter 1 was followed by the release of the Holy Spirit in Chapter 2.

The Twelve had clarity as to what the Lord was up to in their generation.

Why cant we?

Their world wasn’t much nicer than ours. It wasnt more moral orderly or sanitary that’s for sure. And yet in the midst of the primitive conditions of their time with no technology anywhere close to what we have today they most definitely had clarity of purpose – Gods purpose for the Body of Christ in that particular hour.

It feels as if though such clarity is hugely missing even amongst us Christians.

Through series of circumstances experiences visions dreams and the process of studying prayer asking questions and observation I have come to believe that the current apostolic mandate for the Body of Christ can be summarized in the following threefold mandate. Or if you will three mandates connected into one.

1. The Great Commission Mandate

The Great Commission Mandate is what most of us are mostly familiar with. We carry out this mandate by the proclamation of the Gospel of the Kingdom through evangelism discipleship missions planting of churches or Bible training. Its the very essence of the cause of Christ bringing about spiritual awakening renewal revival and the reformation of the Church. It is the spiritual baseline upon which everything else in Gods Kingdom stands on. This is the traditional Great Commission Mandate most Christians will recognize and feel comfortable with. This is what I poured my life into for 25+ years and I have no regrets whatsoever.

2Nevertheless the work of proclaiming and teaching the Gospel of Jesus will never cease and should remain a fundamental commitment for all who claim to serve God’s purpose for this generation.

Some difficult times May be ahead of us but the work of God will continue and the cause of faith will prevail regardless of what’s going on in this world! This we will continue to do in full confidence standing on much experience we have gained. We should be more humble smarter and more competent than ever when it comes to the restoration of the Global Ecclesia of King Jesus primarily as a network/web (nodes?) of territorial apostolates – apostolic missions/bodies tasked by God for the outreach of a specific territory and/or people. Much can be (and will be) said about that.


2. The Liberty Mandate

This is where we lose many believers – ministers and ordinary folks alike. Liberty seems to be a difficult concept for many Christians to grasp. Some weren’t raised in a home where Liberty was spoken of and celebrated. Others were given faulty theology which pits spirituality and the quest for Liberty against each other.

What a terrible error!

3The Cause of Liberty stems directly from who God is. If we examine Genesis 1:26-28 we will see that God desires mankind to prosper and to blossom. This can’t be fulfilled in oppressed societies and regimes. Some people can get saved in societies which are under a tyrannical regime. Most will be lost. Many more people have the opportunity to hear the truth of God in a free society as well as live meaningful lives glorifying God with their talents and abilities.

Liberty also has to do with securing a better future for the generations after us. And this better future begins with us having the opportunity to live as free people today and now.

The Cause of Liberty has to do with the rule of law and with national security which is the duty of the citizens and by extension their elected officials. When the elected representative of the people fail to uphold the rule of law and national security the citizens have the moral duty to replace the politicians with worthy individuals who will fulfill their duties and will secure the future of the people.

This is not “politics”. This has to do with our duty to organize our world in a way that allows all people to become their best. Only a free and moral society can offer such opportunity.

The cause of Liberty is near and dear to my heart. Not only because I personally was born in a country ruled by a Communist dictatorship and not only because my native Bulgaria was under the Islamic Ottoman Emprise for nearly 500 years.

But well beyond my personal experience the Cause of Liberty comes directly from the heart of God. The God of Abraham Isaac and Jacob is a God of Freedom and Liberty. He architected the ancient Israel society with life and liberty in its foundation. America was founded on the same spiritual intellectual and governmental foundation.

True Western Christendom has its share of faults and sins when it comes to its historic rise but by a wide margin it has contributed to the Cause of Liberty and Life more than any other civilization. It’s time to shake off religious ignorance and embrace the Liberty Mandate or we will lose what so many have lived and died for in past generations!

I’m more than willing and ready to do my humble part as a herald of these truths – to challenge and enlighten the Body of Christ to organize pro-freedom people and people groups and to contribute to the spreading of the culture of freedom and liberty – in America and around the world as the Lord leads.


3. The Mercy Mandate

There is yet another mandate we as Christians need to embrace wholeheartedly and this is the Mercy Mandate – to “be” God’s helping hand which feeds the hungry and thirsty and meets their most basic existential needs.

The reality is that someone dying from hunger needs to first be helped to survive physically and/or fed before being able to hear the Good News for the salvation of their soul. The hurting and abused the vulnerable the suffering the homeless and those in prison need to be helped if we claim to be “real” in saying we are the Body of Christ to this world.

4I understand there’s much abuse in the Western world due to the rise of the welfare state. I understand that politicians use the poor as props in their countless schemes and corruption laden campaigns. I understand that people in poor countries abuse Western aid and it goes into the pockets of corrupt Third World dictators and the mafia. I get that trust me.

Nevertheless we who claim to know The Creator have the call to “be” the Body of Christ to those who are truly in need and help them in their hour of need and teach them how to take care of themselves if possible.

5I don’t want my entire life to be spent only in preaching the Gospel and organizing people for The Cause of Liberty. The reality is that I have a deep desire to see the truly needy raised up strong and fending for themselves. And when they do I want to see them spiritually alive in Christ. And when they are I want to see them free and doing their part for The Cause of Liberty in society. And so on. We can call this the Lifecycle of Kingdom Advancement and Multiplication the Wheel of God’s Fortune as if it were!

The above 3 domains I just described is what I call “The Threefold Apostolic Mandate” working as one. Activities projects churches businesses NGOs organizations are only the means to an end the vehicles that can be used for the greater mission.

And the mission has to be clear or it will never energize the very people the Lord has called to carry it out and it will never help the people it was meant for. This we cannot and will not allow. Not on our watch. Not on my watch!

  • Some get consumed with preaching the Gospel and completely miss issues related to Liberty. The results can be tragic – one generation experiences a move of God while the next one descends into tyranny. This has happened in history. And it will happen again if we don’t get “smart” (in Christ) and if we don’t get smart very soon!
  • Some cringe when we talk about Liberty and they scream “no politics in church”! But issues related to life and death are not politics they are the stuff of life. Whether it has to do with the life of the unborn with the right to defend ourselves or the right to be part of the political process the Liberty Mandate is a mandate from God for us to make our stand and to shape the world around us not only to preach abstract Biblical ideas while a whole generation is drowning in political correctness and the wholesale lies which the demonized liberal left is shoving down our proverbial throats day in and day out while most churches are keeping mum on this new reality.

I am calling on everyone with whom this threefold Kingdom mandate resonates – if you believe this call to action is speaking to you please reach out and connect. I have had the privilege of getting my feet wet in a good number of countries in the last 25 years – in Europe the United States and Asia.

The doors are wide open for whole nations to be impacted for the Great Commission For Liberty and with Mercy!

Going forward we will move with clarity and we will see tremendous results because the power of this vision this movement will release amazing resources and will bring life to many dry bones.

We have many battles yet to win. I want to be part of an army that has the clear understanding of what it is fighting for who it is fighting with and what follows after weve won the battles.

God wants us to win The War not just some battles here and there. He wants us to win for Him as well as for the coming generations.

You are called to accomplish something in one of these domains that no one else can probably accomplish.

The time is now!

George Bakalov